6 date ideas for active couples

If you and your partner both love getting active, then these are the perfect date ideas for you! Don’t worry about ruining your makeup, body odour, or looking like a mess – these activities are not too intense so you can be sure to look your best during the whole date.

1. Hiking
Studies have shown that being outdoors relieves stress, so those first date jitters will be less likely to stop you from enjoying one-on-one time with your new beau. Get those endorphins pumping, burn calories, breath in the fresh air, and spend time with your partner while hiking and enjoying the scenery.

2. Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is all about encouragement and teamwork. With that said, a rock climbing date is a fun way to work on some communication skills that can be used on and off the rock wall. Plus, the health benefits are amazing – improve your core strength, agility, and endurance!

3. Yoga
You may not want to sweat it out with an intense, hot yoga session on the first date—but a restorative yoga class is a great date idea! There won’t be much talking but according to Tamal Dodge, a certified yoga instructor, holding hands in savasana at the end of a session can be a truly intimate moment. Not to mention, yoga is said to improve sexual desire, arousal, and make him last longer in bed!

4. Ice Skating
Why not go on a classic winter date and take your special someone to the rink! If your date isn’t a strong skater you can teach them! Skating is a full body workout too, engaging your core, legs, glutes, and arms. Once you’re done on the ice, why not cuddle over a warm cup of hot chocolate?

5. Biking
There are plenty of opportunities to go on a bike riding date; ride through your local park or sightsee through the city! Cycling burns between 500 and 800 calories an hour so you’ll both build up an appetite – a great opportunity to pack a romantic picnic or grab an ice cream cone on your way back!

6. Dancing
If you want to spice things up between you and your man, taking a dance class together is the ultimate date idea. You’ll be up close and personal, making it easy to flirt and build up sexual tension. There are plenty of dance styles to choose from, ranging from salsa to ballroom. Experiment together and see what suits you best!