Are you drinking too much milk?

Apparently, you really shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. According to new research out of Sweden, drinking excess milk may shorten life span in women.

The team, which operated out of Uppsala University and Karolinska Institute, found that large volumes of milk can promote chronic low-grade inflammation in the body—especially in women. However, they also discovered that adequate fruit and vegetable intake can provide a degree of protection against this damage.

High milk consumption was defined by scientists as three or more glasses of milk per day. Fruits and vegetables are able to combat the related inflammation due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers.

Moreover, while milk has been long marketed as necessary to bone health, the study demonstrated a higher risk of fractures in women with high daily milk consumption. The team also identified higher mortality rates in both women and men that consumed large quantities of milk.

Like everything, milk is best enjoyed in moderation. If you are an avid milk drinker, consider slowing down your consumption—and upping your fruit and veg intake.