Brittany Snow is pitch perfect in both body and mind


Known for playing the role of Chloe Beale in the musical comedy film Pitch Perfect, Brittany Snow admits that at the age of thirty-one, maintaining her overall health is a role that she is always nurturing on and off the big screen. Since being a part of the Pitch Perfect film series, the Tampa-Florida native has matured immensely with a better understanding of who she is and what keeps her content. “She was a facet of personalities of who I was at those times,” Snow says about her role as one of the Barden Bellas. “She was fun to play at first because she was so much sunshine, but the more you got to know her, you realize the bubbly, brave, and empathetic characteristics came from a place of wanting everyone to like her so I learned why I do—did—certain things like that as well.”

In realizing her personal growth and reflecting on her upbringing, Snow’s happy, grounded, and balanced lifestyle is owed to her familial support. “I would have to say my parents had a lot to do with keeping me grounded,” she explains. “They had such an open door policy with anything I did and I feel that was very beneficial to me growing up. We could talk about anything. I did a lot of exploring of things pretty early on because I was in Hollywood so young, but I’ve had this innate quality in me that I love working and love what I do more than I love the idea that I might throw it all away.”


Along with the emotional support of growing up as a child actress, Snow has had to rely on research and the advice of medical professionals when it comes to her physical health as she was born with only one kidney. “When I was little, the doctor said that red meat probably should not be in my diet. I’d say over the decades, I’ve become more vegan, not 100 per cent, but I’d say more than 90 per cent. I also drink a lot of water and no sugary beverages anymore as I did when I was little. Simple things I’ve done to better my health.”

As for her diet and maintaining her weight, some of the actress’s nutritional staples include: coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and ingredients for smoothies like kale, spinach, banana, stevia, and apple and almond mix. “I never used to drink anything green but the last few months it’s been part of my morning ritual after having my glass of water with lemon and my shot of apple cider vinegar.” Following her morning ritual, Snow fuels her body with supplements of evening primrose, probiotics, and multivitamins after consuming rice cakes. Then, Snow enjoys a workout which has been modified due to a hairline ankle fracture. “I’m a big runner but the past three months has been really hard not being able to do that—it’s more Pilates, yoga, elliptical and non-strenuous walks with the dog. I have this little path near me that’s a 30 minute run and it’s definitely a zen time for me so I can’t wait to get back into that routine.”


While concerns about being able to meet financial obligations don’t cause Snow stress, her hectic schedule—which she neatly plans, analyzes, and studies—can invite stressful situations. “My friends are hugely important to my stress reduction,” says Snow on her coping mechanisms. “I bounce ideas off of them and we constantly talk. I also think having a spirituality aspect of life, knowing that nothing is that big of a deal helps me stay present. There’s a great line in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind where Kate Winslet’s character Clementine says, ‘I always get anxious that I’m not living my life to the fullest.’ I think there’s a little bit of that in me.”

She also recently introduced meditation into her stress reduction arsenal. “It’s a really good way to feel balanced and you don’t have to be carried away by your thoughts.” Reading, writing, and music are also good “me time” activities that whisk Snow away from stressful situations. “I love going to concerts; nothing makes me feel more myself than seeing live music even if it’s in a little café. I’ll even go alone if my concert buddy is busy.” With over six books on her nightstand currently, Snow admits one of her flaws is not finishing a book once started. “I’m really a nerd”, she confesses. “I’m reading a lot of self- help books now along with Love Warrior. At the end of the day, I write in my journal what is happening with me. It could be a couple of sentences or sometimes a whole page but it’s helpful for me and part of my nighttime ritual. I’ve journaled my whole life going back to when I was six and the pages are kind of scribbled. See I’m a nerd!”

The actress is as passionate about her gratitude list as she is about her journaling. “I try to do a gratitude list every day which is helpful for me because we get caught up with so many problems of the day that we forget to look at how grateful we are for our lives, what we can do, and what we can share.” Having compassion and sensitivity towards others motivated Snow to begin Love is Louder six years ago, a community where people feel connected and supported. “It started off as an online movement by ones wanting to bring awareness to negative voices whether they were internal or external.  It has now become something people participate in and feel supported by—that’s been my goal for the charity and it’s an amazing feeling.”



FAVORITE HOLIDAY RECIPE: “Buckeyes. I still partake in making these things that are basically sugar, peanut butter and chocolate. They’re delicious.”

FAVORITE HOLIDAY TRADITION: “We always played games with my parents and grandparents over the holidays. There’s a card game called Scat that we always played. I loved doing that and still do. And we were usually in Florida where there’s no snow—very tropical Christmas.”

FAVORITE DRUGSTORE HOLIDAY BUY: “I hate to admit this but I usually spend way too much money in the makeup department any time of year. Maybelline Great Lash, inexpensive lipstick, and Kiss Me body lotions—oh and Clorox. I’m a neat freak and my friends say I have a relationship with Clorox because there’s a container of those wipes in every room of my house.”