Deanna Walker

Health issue: Hormonal Imbalance
Age: 50
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Occupation: Self-employed
Symptoms: I am pre-menopausal and six months before seeing a naturopathic doctor my hormones became extremely unbalanced. My menstrual cycle had lasted three-and-a-half months and my energy level was depleting.
Natural Health Recommendations: Under my doctor’s advice, I changed my diet. I eliminated dairy products and kept my consumption of beef, pork and chicken to a minimum. I replaced these foods with more turkey, fish, tofu, soy products, fruits, and vegetables. I thought I could never handle a diet without dairy, but I quickly adjusted and started experimenting with new recipes to include the foods recommended. I started taking some natural vitamins and oils to balance my hormones. My stress hormone was extremely high, so I started attending more yoga classes to help me relax.
Results: I have more regular menstrual cycles for the first time in a year and don’t feel as tired. I truly believe I’m a healthy person because I’ve chosen to
live my life without a lot of chemicals in my diet. I definitely recommend the natural alternative.