Do opposites really attract when it comes to relationships?

So you and your significant other are polar opposites—how do you make it work without causing major flare-ups?


The key to excelling in your relationship is to understanding and accepting each other’s differences. By achieving this, you’ll be able to grow in ways you never expected—and learn to see the world somewhat differently.


Here’s how to keep your opposites-attract relationship in balance:


  1. When it comes to conflicting ideas, challenge each other—while still being respectful.


Perhaps the greatest thing about dating your polar opposite is their challenging of your preconceived beliefs, ideas, and behaviours. If your SO questions you, don’t be afraid to stand your ground: there’s nothing that can better solidify your beliefs—or change them—than a good old-fashioned debate. However, ensure that the tone of these conversations remains respectful; nothing is worse for a relationship than hurt feelings.


  1. Keep communication supportive and open.


Because you may communicate differently—you are opposites, after all—it is important to understand how to best discuss issues with your partner. Whether you and your partner are direct or reserved when it comes to communicating feelings, taking the time to understand your differences will strengthen your relationship. Your opposition to one another doesn’t mean you can’t work through things—it just means that reaching agreement may take more effort.


  1. Have sympathy.


Although it may be difficult at first, putting yourself into your SO’s shoes is absolutely key in resolving—or avoiding—conflict. Despite disagreements on certain topics or plans, try to see where they’re coming from. This will open up the floodgates for increased understanding, as well as acceptance between the two of you.