Don’t Let Your Hair Down

Keep your hair game on lock— regardless of your age—with these hair care essentials




Regardless of length, hue, or ‘do, your hair tells a story about who you are. To keep your mane spinning positive tales, you must constantly adapt to its changing needs.


It all starts with your shampoo: nourishing your hair as you wash can help to reduce damage and slow age-related hair loss. To make your life easier, we’ve crafted the following guidelines to keep your hair healthy throughout the ages.


In your 20s:


Right now, your hair is your canvas. With thousands of different cuts, colours, and styling techniques out there, you have endless ways to switch up your look. However, while you’re having fun, don’t forget to keep your hair properly nourished and protected. Look for shampoos with strengthening ingredients, like vitamin E and biotin, to ward off any breakage. In your later years, your hair will thank you.

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In your 40s:

Naturally, your hair may begin to feel thinner and more fine during this period. Luckily for you, using the right hair prod- ucts—and using fewer heat styling tools—can help to slow and combat this process. When choosing a shampoo, opt for those containing biotin and niacin: these ingredients have been shown to help promote hair growth.

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In your 60s:

At this time in your life, you may find your hair to be less manage- able and much thinner than it used to be. Additionally, the onset of grey hair can cause textural changes, as these strands are much coarser than regular ones. As such, it’s imperative that you con- tinue to nourish your tresses with deep-conditioning ingredients. Now, shampoos with humectant ingredients like avocado, colla- gen, and cocoa butter are your best bet for locking in moisture.

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