Emma Stone

AGE: 29
OCCUPATION: Registered Midwife
HEALTH ISSUE: Highly sensitive skin
SYMPTOMS: My skin has always been over reactive. If a product such as a soap or moisturizer had too much scent or perfume in it, my skin responds with angry welts, redness, itching and flaking. I’d also get acne.
HEALTH RECOMMENDATIONS: Oil is your friend! After ditching conventional beauty products, I now use a combination of oils to care for my skin, including coconut and olive oils. I wash my face with olive oil at night using something called the Oil Cleansing Method, and use coconut oil as a full-body moisturizer daily. I also stick to simple, Canadian-made sunflower oil soap.
RESULTS: My skin has never looked or felt better! Yes, I still get the occasional outbreak, however my skin is now soft and supple, never itchy or inflamed. I have also been able to rid my bathroom cupboard of copious products that were taking up so much space. The money I have saved from switching to a natural skin care routine is certainly an added bonus.