Go Nuts For Heart Health

Do something great for your heart and start getting your hands on more nuts throughout your day. This easy to travel with snack can support lower cholesterol. As always, moderation is key, as nuts contain a high amount of calories portion is important.

Research suggests that nuts can help your heart by lowering the low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or “bad”) cholesterol levels. According to Mayo Clinic, LDL is a large part of the reason our blood vessels build up plague. Eating nuts can also reduce the risk of developing blood clots, which are the reason for fatal heart attacks. Another positive is their support for healthier lining of your arteries.

Here’s what else is in nuts besides protein and unsaturated fats that allows for them to work wonders for your heart.

– Omega-3 fatty acids
– Fiber
– Vitamin E
– Plant Sterols
– L-arginine

So next time you’re looking to pack something to snack on while you carry out your busy day, make it a bag mixed nuts.