Enhance Your Mood and Memory

Handling mood swings and can be a costly treatment, and not to mention memory loss can make the simplest tasks become difficult. Help keep your mental state at bay can be confusing, here are some straight forward natural remedies to support your memory and moods. Herbs that can be credited to influencing mood and memory include peppermint, chamomile, rosemary and lavender.
According to the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, research shows peppermint enhanced and aroused both mood and cognition, while also supporting long-term memory. Dr Mark Moss, Head of the Department of Psychology, said “Peppermint has a reputation for being psychologically or mentally alerting. It picks you up and makes you feel a little bit brighter.”

“Rosemary meanwhile has a reputation about being associated with memory – even Shakespeare said ‘rosemary is for remembrance’ – and it’s also associated with being invigorating. We have found that people are more alert after being in a room that has rosemary aroma in it,” says Dr. Moss.

Another herb not yet mentioned to help with mood is rhodiola, because it increases levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Progressive health also states that rhodiola may provide even more specific benefits for improving memory because it also increases acetylcholine levels in the brain.