How to shop like a stylist

Have you ever wondered where to start when it comes to shopping and putting different looks together? Wardrobe stylist Stephanie Ward is here to let you know what to do while shopping and how to put together fashionable looks, even on a budget.


Start with knowing your body type, what works best with it, and choose clothes according to this. Not only will you achieve a proportional body silhouette, you’ll be working it with confidence. Knowing your body type and how to dress is the key to having all of your wardrobe looking flattering and showing off the best you!

Quick examples are:

Apple: This body type is more top heavy with slimmer legs and thighs. Dress in clothing that takes attention away from your midriff area and flatters your bust. V-neck tops are a must-have for apple-shaped body and dark coloured tops may become your personal favourite, since they make your top half look leaner.

Pear: Being the opposite of apple, the pear body type has a smaller upper body and a fuller lower body. Choose clothing that will accentuate and make it look like you have more curves. Achieve this by adding a belt to your outfit. This pinches the waist and create a curvier appearance. Wrap dresses are also a great choice to flatter your body!

Straight/Rectangular: Being the most common body type, you look fairly straight. Wear clothes that will create more curves and a pleasing silhouette, like adding a belt to your dresses. This pinches the waist and creates a curvier appearance. Remember, you want to proportionally dress the top and bottom half of your body while emphasizing your waist.

Hourglass: Hip and bust measurements are almost equal with a narrow waist. You should be aiming to highlight and embrace your curves, and avoiding anything that makes you look boxy. Your waist should be your focal point while shopping and finding new clothing pieces. Tailored jackets and form-fitting tops will have everybody complimenting your outfit and curvaceous body!

Shopping for outfits instead of single pieces works the best when you want to achieve a more put together look. When purchasing, always have at least three ideas in mind with what you could wear with a certain piece of clothing. Be creative and mix and match your wardrobe! That way the pieces you buy can be worn over again without it looking the same.

Pick pieces that make a statement and are on trend, like a classic blazer that can be dressed up or down, or the perfect pair of skinny jeans that flatter your figure. You don’t need to buy all designer duds to have a killer wardrobe. I love shopping at places like H&M and Top Shop because you can find everything reflecting from what is on the runway. They also have neutral coloured staples that make it easy to add accents pieces to.

Lastly, I am a huge fan of accessorizing because accessories can complete any look or outfit. Statement necklace are bold and can be added to a simpler look to dress it up and make it more fashionable. A killer handbag can also take your outfit to the next level. Look for the perfect tote bag for everyday.




Wardrobe and Fashion Stylist, Stephanie Ward has been a stylist for runways, editorial, music videos, and is a regular stylist for TV show Extra and show host Shae Wilbur. Stephanie focuses on finding the key pieces that will make her clients feel and look their very best. Her firm continues to offer expert wardrobe styling and service clientele throughout Ontario & internationally