How you View Your Body Depends on Where you Live

Are you hedonistic, holistic or functionalist about your body? Odds are, it depends where you live.

A new report from Havas Worldwide says that the way we view our body is both country and culturally specific.

There are three main types of people. The first are pleasure seekers or hedonists. These people see the body is a source of pleasure, through food, sex or self-celebration. Pleasure seekers place a high value on physical attractiveness and reside in countries such as Brazil, France and Spain. Forty per cent of Brazilians said cosmetic surgery is a “smart choice” for people who want to be more attractive.

The next group is holistic enthusiasts. These people are focused on the overall health of their body. They focus on sleeping well, eating healthfully, getting a daily dose of fresh air and sunshine, and respecting the body’s natural rhythms. Holistic enthusiasts are most likely to be found in China, Germany and India. In the later, 79 per cent of people said that men and women who age naturally are more attractive than those who undergo cosmetic surgery.

The last group of people are functionalists. They regard their bodies as machines to be fueled and tinkered with. Functionalists strive to reach peak fitness. Functionalists are success-driven, but not necessarily grounded in reality. The highest on functionalism were in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia – ironically also countries with some of the world’s highest obesity rates.