Ilana Smalley

Age: 22
Occupation: Host and server
Health issue: Irregular menstrual cycle
Symptoms: I’ve had an irregular menstrual cycle for as long as I can remember – sometimes going months without getting my period.
Health recommendations: I tried birth control in 2011. Though it did the job, I hated every moment. Then I read about chasteberry (vitex agnus-castus) also known as “the women’s herb.” It’s available in a tincture, pill and tea; and it balances the hormones, which help regulate the menstrual cycle to alleviate side effects such as cramps, headaches and moodiness. Although I rarely had a problem with the side effects I decided to see if it would help with regularity.
The results I have been using chasteberry three times a day since the beginning of December 2013. I’ve had painless and regular periods ever since.