Improve your relationship with these 3 simple actions

In many relationships, it’s not about the big gestures—it’s about the little day-to-day efforts you make to keep your partner happy. Looking to keep your relationship moving on successfully? Try these three simple actions with your significant other:


  1. Say what you mean


As cliché as it sounds, simple, open communication is key to any flourishing relationship. Research from the Gottman Institute has shown that successful couples work to connect with their partners three times as often as those who break up. So, get talking, send a loving text message, or bring up fond memories more often.


It is also extremely important to stay updated on your partner’s day-to-day life. Touching base about the good things that happen each day is extremely powerful—by discussing your successes and failures together, you’ll emphasize your bond. Plus, taking time out of your day to focus on your relationship is a sure fire way to keep it from tanking.


  1. The eyes have it


When speaking to your partner, make eye contact and smile. This simple action can make your partner feel more understood, and can boost your connection to one another. Psychologists suggest that eye contact can also lead to arousal, making a sensual gaze a good way to also make things hot and steamy.


  1. Get touchy


Physical and emotional connection are inextricably linked. So, whenever you get the chance, cuddle with your partner, hold hands, or simply make physical contact. By simply sitting together and putting your hand on their arm, your conversation will become warmer, softer, and much more pleasant.