Enhance your workout routine with these 5 summer activities!

While some favour the air-conditioned comfort of the gym for their workouts, many of us like to head outdoors during the summer to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. If the gym is starting to feel a bit stale for you, try any of these 5 activities to keep your body moving—and boost your mood.

1. Ride a bike

Biking is a great form of cardio exercise and an excellent way to improve your leg strength. To increase your endurance, lengthen your route or add hills.

2. Change up your running route

Instead of hopping on the treadmill, take a jog down a wooded trail. Your mind will love the change of scenery, and your lungs will love the burst of fresh air.

3. Go swimming

Make like a fish and jump into a cool lake or salty ocean. This low-impact form of cardio is excellent for both your joints and your cardiovascular health, making it a true fan favourite all summer long.

4. Play team sports

Grab a group of friends—or your family—and play a classic sport like soccer, football or baseball. You’ll love the social time spent together, and the cardio exercise you get from it isn’t so bad, either.

5. Take a hike

Find a hilly or mountainous trail and challenge yourself to hike it. This will strengthen your legs, give you a strong cardio workout, and make you feel accomplished once completed.

Get outdoors and enjoy yourself this summer. Why waste the perfect weather? Grab your loved ones and enjoy it while it’s still here.