Kick your late night snacking habit with these tips

Close that fridge door—your late night snacking habit could be causing you to gain weight.


Over the past decade, a variety of studies have shown that those who eat late at night weight more than those who eat their food during the day. An International Journal of Obesity study found that this could be due to the fact that night-time eaters participate in more binge-eating behaviours than those who stop eating after dinner.


Binging before bed can cause you to go to sleep with elevated blood sugar levels. Because your body uses less sugar as fuel when you’re lying in bed, this can cause more sugar to wind up in your fat cells.


Because of this, it’s important to kick your bedtime snacking habit. Here are some natural tips to cut down on late-night munching:


  1. Eat balanced meals throughout the day. Loading up on protein, fibre, and water can help to keep you full, reducing your chance of off-kilter snacking.
  2. Set an intentional eating space. Eating in your kitchen—rather than under the covers—can make eating a more mindful act, reducing your cravings before bed.
  3. Try some herbal tea. Rather than indulging in unhealthy snacks, give your taste buds a treat with a no-calorie, delicious option.
  4. Brush your teeth right after dinner—this will help to cut your desire to eat. You don’t want to ruin your fresh breath!
  5. Sleep properly! Sleep deprivation can result in overeating, meaning that getting enough rest will help to regulate hunger cues.
  6. Taking time to destress before bed can help you to sleep better. This regulates the production of cortisol, which can trigger increased appetite.