Look better in flip-flops with these foot care tips

With sandal season in full swing, turning your focus to foot care can help boost your confidence levels—and your comfort—in open-toed footwear. If you’re looking to kick dry, cracked feet and unsightly toenails to the curb, try these DIY pedicure solutions.


  1. Break out the pumice stone


Formed when hot lava mixes with water, this porous and abrasive stone is perfect for exfoliating the feet. To use this beauty tool, first soak your feet in warm water to soften any callouses and cracks. Then, wet the stone in warm water before rubbing it gently over any problem areas. Once you’re done, apply organic coconut oil to the feet to keep them supple and hydrated.


  1. Make the cut


To prevent painful ingrown toenails, cut your toenails in a straight line, rather than in a rounded shape. This will stop them from digging into the skin, thwarting them from growing inward and causing infection.


  1. Try a DIY foot mask

Just like your facial skin and hair, your feet can greatly benefit from a natural, hydrating mask. To keep your feet soft and smooth, blend two small cucumbers, the juice of one lemon, and three tablespoons of olive oil in a mixer. Then, divide the solution into two large freezer bags, place your feet inside, and secure them with rubber bands. Then, let them sit for 5–10 minutes.


Because cucumbers are chock-full of anti-inflammatory vitamin K and antifungal vitamin C, this recipe is perfect for keeping swelling and infections at bay. Plus, olive oil is rich in squalene, which helps to keep skin hydrated and soft.