Lose weight with digital scales

According to research coming from The University of Manchester, the more often you use digital weighing scales, the more weight you can lose.


The study, led by Dr. Matthew Sperrin, lecturer in health data science at The University of Manchester’s Health eResearch Centre, was delivered in partnership with Withings, a French manufacturer of connected-health technology, who gathered the anonymised data from a random sample of their UK-based Smart Scale customers.


The findings, based on data from 975 people gathered over four years, show that the participants who interacted the most with their internet-based scales were the ones who lost the most amount of weight with the equivalent to an extra 1.13kg lost in men and 0.925kg lost in women over twelve months.


“In this study we wanted to know more about the ways that engagement with weighing scales indicates the users’ behaviour, something that is only possible with recent advances in technology,” says Dr. Sperrin. “By working with Withings we were able to spot a strong correlation between self-weighing and weight-loss, particularly that the more a patient weighed themselves, the more weight they were shown to lose.”