Make time for your health

After 10 years as an Irish model and actress now living in Los Angeles, I have become passionate about overall fitness, fashion, and beauty. I used to work out excessively when I was younger. Through my personal research, I have found that the human body is not designed to work out for long periods every day. I have discovered the best way to maintain a healthy body is to simply make lifestyle changes and the key to success is in your daily routine. Analyze what you eat each day by keeping a diary; you need to eat the right amount of calories each day to lose weight. Focus on eating clean, wholesome foods such as green veggies, colorful fruits, whole grains, and varied proteins. I always try to buy organic—this ensures there are no chemicals or pesticides in the produce. I eat no meat—only fish. We can get plenty of protein from plant sources. Consider juicing as an easy way to get all your nutrients. Every day I whip up a fresh blend of raw organic juice using beets, carrots, spinach, kale, chard, avocado, blueberries, apples, and bananas. Then I add water and blend. I highly recommend trying the plant based lifestyle for a while and see how it works for you. I also recommend hydrating—I drink about 8-9 glasses of water daily to boost my metabolism, energy, and overall vitality.


As for my exercise, yoga is a game changer! It helps tone the body, calm your mind, and increases both strength and flexibility. There are so many levels and types that there’s something for everyone. Another reason I love yoga is because it’s gentle on the joints. I used to run a lot and damaged my knees, so yoga offers a great way to work out with minimal impact. Swimming is also great for cardio as it’s effective, yet gentle. Always respect your body.


Wearing a lot of makeup for photo shoots, filming, and personal appearances can take a toll on my skin. Luckily I eat well and have a good cleansing regime. My golden rule is to always take off your makeup at night. Keep it simple—there’s no need for a lot of expensive products. I always read labels to see what’s in the products and avoid anything that has paraben listed in its ingredients. My personal favorite moisturizer is good, old fashioned coconut oil—a small amount is all you need to get maximum effects. I also never leave the house without wearing an SPF 30 to stay looking fresh and radiant. Hope you enjoyed my lifestyle overview. Follow my IG @tiffanystanley1.


Tiffany Stanley is an International Model and Fitness Expert.