Mandy Ross

AGE: 20s

OCCUPATION: TV & media personality, success coach, yoga instructor


SYMPTOMS: I was experiencing dips in my energy level, which was unusual as I am typically a highly energetic individual.

HEALTH RECOMMENDATIONS: After a blood test revealed that my iron level was low, I turned to the best medicine: food. I was already eating an incredibly healthy diet with iron rich foods such as lentils, dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds. However, through research I discovered that some foods affect the way in which my body absorbs iron. Foods with vitamin C help with better absorption and foods containing calcium and tannins (found in coffee and tea) reduce iron absorption. I also incorporated a daily juice made with Green SuperFood powder that contains spirulina and other iron-rich ingredients.

THE RESULTS: I am thriving! I am back to feeling consistently energized for my busy and active lifestyle.