PMS tips for every age and stage

We often hear that women “suffer” from PMS, but we don’t think so. Also, PMS symptoms change throughout the years—just as our bodies do. It might not always be pleasant, but we get through it. While not every woman experiences PMS, you might experience some symptoms of it—take it as your body’s signal for needing something.

Cravings: Cravings during your menstrual cycle can mean a vitamin C deficiency. It’s also very important for absorbing iron, which we are losing during menstruation. If you aren’t craving citrus, add some extra red peppers, kale, broccoli, or other vitamin-C-rich foods into your meals.

Fatigue: Yes, feeling tired the week before your period is a PMS symptom. No, it’s not an excuse to stay in bed! B vitamins and vitamin E can help with the bloating and fatigue, so you can get back to feeling like yourself.

Overall menstrual health: Vitamins A and D are great for your overall health. Amongst their many benefits, they can help protect the uterine lining and lower the chances of experiencing PMS symptoms.