Rewire your mind

Transform your inner well-being—and your life, in general—with EFT

By Stephanie Farrell, Empowerment Coach


In today’s fast-paced world, it is easy to become emotionally overwhelmed. From personal anxieties to a general worry about the current state of affairs, it is easy to become caught up in a cycle of unease.


Luckily, we as a society have created a variety of ways in which to quiet our angst, slow down our thoughts, and repair our mental, emotional and physical health. One such process is EFT, a simple method of at-home relaxation and rejuvenation.




So what is EFT, anyway?  Well, EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a clinically proven acupressure technique that effectively calms the fight or flight response.  EFT is sometimes called an emotional form of acupuncture, as it draws on ancient Chinese medicine and the energy meridian system of the body. Using gentle finger taps on acupressure points instead of needles, EFT opens up the energy circuits of the body. Once blockages have been removed, energy can flow freely and bring balance back to our systems.


When you’re experiencing a negative emotion, your brain is on high alert. This negative emotion signals a primitive part of the brain called the amygdala, which sends us into a fight-or-flight response. In prehistoric times, this was an advantage—when physical threats appeared, our muscles would tense, our adrenaline would pump, and our blood pressure and blood sugars would rise, preparing us to either fight the threat or flee.


However, in modern day society, most of our stressors are triggered internally. These arise as negative emotions, which have their roots in our core negative beliefs. To our system, the perceived threat is just as real to the amygdala as a physical threat, triggering the same physiological responses.  By performing EFT, the amygdala is deactivated, sending a calming response to the body.




Throughout our lives, we all experience many disruptions to our energy systems. When these disruptions occur, we internalize perceived negative behaviours, statements, or actions and draw conclusions about ourselves or about the world in which we live.


Some of the beliefs that we create early on in life, including feelings of inadequacy, form our core belief system. These negative thoughts limit us throughout our lives, wreaking havoc on our emotions and bodies. What’s more, these negative beliefs are actually hard-wired into our nervous system. As such, through the simple process of tapping into this system, we shed our negative core beliefs and rewrite them into more positive ones.




EFT can help with a myriad of conditions, including self-sabotage, pain management, depression, sports performance, addictions, relationship difficulties, blocks to success, and financial abundance. There is clinical evidence that EFT can also effectively treat those suffering with trauma and PTSD.


In recent years, studies have proven that EFT can eliminate or improve conditions that can’t be adequately dealt with through standard medical care.


One study by Dr. Dawson Church, an EFT master and leading expert on energy psychology, attempted to determine how an hour-long tapping session would impact the cortisol levels of 83 test subjects. Astonishingly, a 39 per cent reduction in this stress hormone was found in some subjects. Conversely, people who experienced traditional talk therapy only had a 25 per cent reduction in said levels.




EFT is a wonderful technique that is easily learned, portable, and effective. Even though this tool is wonderful to use on a daily basis to combat mild stresses, working with an experienced practitioner is recommended when dealing with chronic or deeper emotional issues.


Just like anyone else, I’ve experienced difficulties on my journey. I have tried many modalities to help resolve deeper issues, but there’s been nothing as transformative as EFT.


This led me into my work as a Wealth & Prosperity coach. After beginning EFT, I started to investigate my relationship with money, which was much more deeply rooted than I thought. To heal, I regulated my negative core beliefs and broke the boom and bust cycle with my income. I was finally able to create the wealth and abundance I deserve in all aspects of my life.


If you’re experiencing an emotional or psychological deficit, give EFT a try.  Your mind, body and spirit will thank you!