Rhea Seehorn

Several years ago, Rhea Seehorn graced the pages of Viva as a Balanced Living celebrity. She’s currently appearing in the AMC series Better Call Saul, a spinoff from Breaking Bad.

Seehorn says shooting for four months in Albuquerque, New Mexico was a challenge on many levels. “It was hard keeping up my healthy eating routine and exercise regimen. I joined a gym as soon as I got there and made friends with others who do physical things such as biking, hiking and walking – working in a group seems to make me more motivated.”

Using her creative ingenuity and discipline, Seehorn offset the higher fat and calories of catered set food and opted for making her own healthy sandwiches.”

Now back at home in New York, Seehorn says she can begin reading food labels again. “I’ve been doing that for years: low sodium, low sugar, as few ingredients as possible. I avoid aspartame at all costs and when it’s possible I eat non-GMO foods, meats without antibiotics and from animals raised humanely.”