Safety Tips For Halloween

Make sure treats are out of reach
– chocolate is toxic for dogs and cats. Call your local animal hospital immediately if your pet eats chocolate.
– Your pets shouldn’t be taking any candy, but artificial sweeteners for example, xylitol or sorbitol are particularly dangerous.
– Greasy potato chips present a risk for gastrointestinal upsets and possibly pancreatitis.

Be careful with Halloween costumes
– Dressing up you pets is fun, but always supervise them when wearing them because their can include hazardous choking materials.
– Use safe comfortable costumes

Keep them inside
– The excitement of constantly opening the door can be considered a flight rise at Halloween, so keep cats safely indoors and don’t leave dogs out in the yard.

Pumpkins, Corn, And Plants
– Keep plants, pumpkins and corn safely out of reach
– Pumpkins aren’t exactly toxic but if your pets eat them it can result in severe gastrointestinal distress
– Corn can lead to blockage of the intestines
– As well many types of plants are toxic