Sexual Healing


Low libido and erectile dysfunction can affect personal relationships and cause frustration for everyone involved. However, treating sexual dysfunction can be as easy as taking herbs that help with the symptoms you are experiencing, or taking a supplement that contains the ingredients to treat several symptoms at once. Here’s how to get back under those sheets and learn to look forward to sex again.
Women who suffer from low libido are often dealing with an underlying sexual arousal disorder. If you experience a decreased blood flow, lack of lubrication, or a delay or absence of orgasm after experiencing sexual excitement you may suffer from a low libido.
In addition, outside issues such as stress, relationship troubles, being raised with strict sexual taboos, fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, negative personal feelings including guilt, anger or low self-esteem, fatigue or depression can reduce your libido. Experiencing genital pain after stimulation or during sex, involuntary vaginal spasms that cause issues with penetration, the inability to stay excited and avoiding sexual activity can also signal a low libido.
Certain herbs may improve sexual arousal in women. First, there is Panax Ginseng, which helps prevent vaginal atrophy, improves strength and longevity and helps with vaginal lubrication. Maca helps women with hormonal issues and helps improve sexual stamina while relieving stress.
Other herbs that can help alleviate symptoms of low libido include Di Huang, which increases the production of sexual hormones while increasing female energy and stamina; Noni, which balances female sex hormones while increasing feelings of relaxation and well being; and Horny Goat Weed, which balances hormones while restoring sexual excitement, relieving fatigue and even helps with menopausal discomfort.
Although many won’t admit it, erectile dysfunction is extremely common in men. In fact, studies have noted that about 35 per cent of men ages 40 to 70 experience moderate to severe erectile dysfunction, while 15 per cent of men between those ages have milder cases of the disorder. That equals 50 per cent of men that experience this disorder in their lifetime! Erectile dysfunction due to age is attributed to a decline in testosterone production over time, causing andropause, or male menopause. Several stressors that make it impossible to focus on sex, such as work-related stress or relationship problems, can also cause a loss of libido.
Symptoms of erectile dysfunction include the inability to obtain a full erection, maintain an erection during sex, or experience an erection at all. A lack of morning erections is also associated with a decrease in libido.
Ingredients that can help alleviate erectile dysfunction include Panax Ginseng, which helps provide firmer, longer-lasting erections, helps provide higher sperm counts and increases sperm motility; Tongkat Ali, a Malaysian herb that increases sexual desire, libido, sexual performance and treats erectile dysfunction by increasing testosterone; Gokshura, which helps increase sexual desire while enhancing performance; and Maca, which works against impotence while enhancing stamina and improving energy.
Other ingredients that help treat erectile dysfunction include L-arginine, which can improve vasodilation (reducing swelling and allowing blood to flow more freely); Horny Goat Weed, which helps with involuntary ejaculation; magnesium, which helps metabolize nitric oxide to facilitate an erection; zinc; vitamin D and vitamin B6.

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Helps support the emotional aspects of sexual health using herbs chosen to help alleviate the emotional issues that can cause problems in the bedroom. It contains Maca Root, Ginkgo biloba, Puncture Vine Fruit, Damiana Leaf, Ginseng Root and Ashwagandha Root to induce feelings of calm and relaxation. (Available at 120 mL, $23.99)


HerbaMAX For Men
Provides a significant increase in erectile function by increasing testosterone production and sperm count, improving stamina and longevity, reducing stress and increasing libido. It also gives the body other support that can help alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction, such as supporting muscular growth, cognitive function and improving mental fatigue, enhancing physical performance and providing antioxidants.
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Natural Calm Magnesium citrate powder
Relieves the symptoms of magnesium deficiency, including erectile dysfunction, quickly and effectively. Magnesium also helps regulate calcium, zinc and other vitamins and minerals in the body. Taking magnesium and zinc together is a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. (8 oz., $29.99)

Webber Naturals Maca with Ginseng

Uses two well-known ingredients to help boost a lagging libido. Maca acts as an energy booster to provide stamina, while Korean Ginseng works to help build an erection that is firmer and longer lasting. (90 caps, $17.47)