Soukeyna Angelov

Health issue: Fatigue and indigestion
Age: 30
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Occupation: Spa owner
Symptoms: Bloating and weight gain.
Health Recommendations: Under the supervision of my nutritionist, I went on a detox diet for one month. We decided to rid my daily diet of fatty foods and we identified fast solutions for healthy and balanced meals. I cut down my visits to restaurants and if I did order from them,
I asked for the healthiest meals. Also, I made reflexology appointments to rebalance my body and increase my energy level and each week. I treated myself to a massage. This loosened me up and greatly improved my blood circulation.
Results: I have way more energy, my feelings of fatigue have diminished and my weight has lowered. All these benefits have manifested over a short period of time and the clients at my spa often congratulate me because of these positive changes.