Sunburnt? Heal faster—and reduce redness—with these tips

So, you diligently applied your sunscreen—and you still ended up with a raging sunburn. While you may want to brush up on how to best protect your skin from the sun, here are some tips for damage control.


First, soothe your skin:

To take the edge off, pop a vitamin E supplement or apply some vitamin E oil to your skin. This will help to reduce pain and inflammation—without the awful side effects of NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen. Then, take a cool shower and wash with an aloe vera-based product, as this will also help to ward off peeling skin. Finally, apply a cold compress soaked in milk and iced cubes—the proteins in the milk and cold temperature will help to ease discomfort.


Then, colour-correct:


While foundation is a definite no-no during the healing phase of a sunburn, you help to neutralize redness with tinted moisturizer and primer. Apply a green-toned primer to your most-burnt areas with a light hand. Then, add a sheer layer of tinted moisturizer on top of these areas, and you’re ready to go.


Armed with these tips, you can face the world—even with a hot-looking, tomato-esque look. Just remember—protect your skin from the sun properly, and you won’t need them at all.