Susan Jones

AGE: 50

OCCUPATION: Pediatric nurse

HEALTH ISSUE: Celiac disease

SYMPTOMS: Stomach pain, bowel issues, achy back and joints, acne.

HEALTH RECOMMENDATIONS: This diagnosis taught me a whole new level of health care. I learned the profound effects that food can have on the body and about naturopathic physicians who would heal me with diet changes, omega oils, high-quality vitamin supplements and probiotics.

THE RESULTS: After getting off the sugar cycle and replacing my carbohydrate-loaded diet with healthy options, not only had I lost 20 pounds, I had more energy than ever. My skin cleared up, my lower back and all my joints stopped hurting. My stomach issues resolved and my blood pressure returned to a normal level. I was back to my old self, and just in time to deal with a toddler who begun to taste the freedom brought on by his newly acquired skill of running.