The Juno Cup Promotes Balanced Living

If you wanted more proof that Canadians are born playing hockey you needed to look no further than the Juno Cup, held on Friday March 13th in Hamilton.

As has become tradition on Juno weekend, the NHLer’s faced off against the rockers in a fun game – and the score was closer than you may have thought.

2015 JUNO Cup.

Hedley’s Chris Crippin vs. NHL great Mark Napier

The NHL greats included Mark Napier, Ric Nattres, Gary Roberts, Wendel Clark, Ron MacLean and even a couple girls – Tessa Bonhomme and Natalie Spooner – from the women’s gold-medal winning Olympic teams. The rockers were led by Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy and also had his son Devin, Sam Roberts, Chris Crippin (Hedley), Sarah Harmer, Jon Gallant (Billy Talent), Paul Brandt and many more.

While the score started off strong with a 5-0 lead for the NHL’ers in the first four minutes of play, they decided to lay off the defense and have a little fun. A skills competition which included Jim Cuddy and Ric Nattres facing off with their renditions of the Blue Rodeo classic “Try” evened the score a bit.

In the end the NHLer’s won 11-9. It was great to see a mix of sport, fun and song, as a reminder that balanced living really is the greatest recipe for a successful and happy life.

2015 JUNO Cup.