Toni Lemma

Age: 32
Occupation: Yoga Instructor
Health Issue: Stress and fatigue
Natural Solution: Meditation works many wonders for the mind & soul. It can ease tension, reduce anxiety, revitalize, improve sleep, impact the cardiovascular and nervous systems, and improve self-esteem.
Details: Meditation helps one remain centered. As a mother of two young kids, life can sometimes be overwhelming – along with the added fatigue from being up with a newborn at night. Physically, it gives boosts of energy when I meditate. Mentally it eases the stress and anxiety of the day and allows me to approach life with a clear mind. Twenty to 30 minutes a day is ideal, however the positive effects of meditation can be achieved with as little as five minutes. These days I rarely get 20 to 30 minutes to myself so I take advantage of the little, quiet breaks during the day.