Travis Milne

The former Rookie Blue actor who played a small town regular guy thrown into the world of urban policing has been one busy guy. A former Viva Balanced Living celebrity, Travis Milne was born and raised in Northern Alberta, but has recently moved to Venice Beach, California. He splits his time between Venice and Toronto.

“I now have the opportunity to do stuff by the beach all year round, everyday it’s something different for my exercise,” says Milne. He loves to play pick-up basketball, interspersed with five-mile runs. “I’m considering starting my own physical education program.”

Finding the time could be a challenge. “I just finished five episodes on Rogue (Directv). Playing the character of Leo Taylor was not only a riot, but it reinvigorated my love of the craft. I’m currently working on four episodes of Saving Hope as the character Ted Crenshaw. Words cannot describe how excited I am about this role – it’s dark, and I love that.”

The actor also recently upgraded his vehicle. “I did upgrade from the Corolla to a 2001 Honda Accord that I bought off my dad for $5,000. If I decide to buy a new car I’m going to wait until they can fly. Because what’s the point of driving a Porsche when we’re all just stuck in traffic anyway?”