Valérie Dubreuil

Health issue: food sensitivities
Age: 40
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Occupation: Director of community investment
Symptoms: Fatigue, dizzy spells and nausea.
Health Recommendations: I realized when I was young that I suffered from a weak liver. After eating foods that were too fatty, too rich and too sugary, I felt dazed, heavy and tired for several days. During times of high stress, my liver would cause acne outbreaks and even give my skin a yellow tinge. After questioning what the causes of imbalances were, I gradually eliminated foods that were too rich or fatty. I refrained from drinking too much coffee and alcohol and ate plenty of fruits, vegetables and fish instead. I started to try more healthy products such as extra virgin olive oil, which has helped reinforce my immune system.
Results: Since I’ve started paying more attention to my diet, I have to say that I feel much better. I now have so much more energy.