What’s in your Fridge: Kate Davidson

Occupation: Interior designer, business owner and mother of three girls

What’s your secret food vice? Fair trade chocolate… A sweet or salty treat at the end of the day is hard to avoid!

What is your number one comfort food? Pasta: gnocchi, lasagna, ravioli.. They’re all delicious.

What is your biggest food challenge? Making food that’s healthy, fast, and can be agreed upon by five people on any given school night.

What keeps you eating a balanced diet? Feeling good and looking good. With such a hectic schedule, it’s important to eat the right foods to keep my energy levels up.

Any food dislikes? Foods that are too rich, fried foods, greasy dishes, and creamy desserts.

Any foods you’ve omitted from your diet? I eat limited poultry and red meat.

What must you always have in your fridge? Organic milk and yogurt, hummus for the kids, coconut milk, seasonal fruits, and old cheddar.

What are some of your go-to meals? Salmon with veggies and wild rice, and hearty soups that are quick and easy to make.

Strangest food you’ve ever tried? Venison

What’s your favourite dish or food to eat in the fall? I love making homemade butternut squash soup with my dad’s buttermilk biscuits.

What is your favourite meal to make for guests in your home? I enjoy entertaining with a fresh mango and bocconcini salad, my special green bean curry fries, and some short ribs on the BBQ.

What is your favourite ingredient to cook with? I love using fresh basil from our garden—it makes everything so delicious.

What have you been busy with over the last year? Gosh, there’s so much! Having my third daughter, moving and renovating an old bungalow, and growing my busy design firm. We have been swamped with more model homes, condo developments, and several large-scale home renovations. This past year has been one of the busiest yet!

What’s next for you?
I have rebranded my design firm and with the recent expansions we are now doing, we’ll take on more commercial design projects in addition to our already large residential design sector. Will be also speaking more at Toronto home shows and events.