The key to better sex for women, according to study

Sex can be much more than just plain and simple intercourse and according to a recent study from Indiana University, many women do really need more than just vaginal stimulation to have enjoyable sex.

The researchers surveyed 1,055 women aged 18 to 94 about their sex lives. They found that only about 18% of women could climax from vaginal penetration alone and 36% reported they needed clitoral stimulation to be able to orgasm during sex.

Most interestingly, the study revealed that there are ways to have a better orgasm as 78% of the women said some orgasms can feel better than others. They realized this “better orgasm” is due to a combination of factors. These factors, as reported by the survey respondents, include emotional intimacy, having your partner understand what you like in bed, building up arousal, and clitoral stimulation. Professionals call these sexual acts “outercourse” because its sex without penetration. Other ways to have outercourse can include kissing, touching and massages, or using sex toys. This concept makes it so foreplay lasts throughout the whole sexual experience, not just in the beginning, which not only increases a woman’s chance of climaxing, but also intensifies the climax.

Female pleasure is multilayered but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The best way for women to start having better sex is to experiment which kinds of touch are the most stimulating with their partner. Once you know your preference you can start incorporating outercourse into your sex life.