Don’t Forget, Control Your High Cholesterol

High blood pressure is something you need to avoid, that goes without saying, but refreshing your memory on why you need to keep it under control is important. High blood pressure promotes narrow arteries causing them to harden, this is condition is called atheroscolerosis. Atheroscolerosis doesn’t reveal early symptoms, but it can lead to very serious complications fore example heart attack and stroke.

Build up in the arteries forms from ingesting excessive low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or “bad” cholesterol. In addition to the LDL, it combines itself with the fat in the blood called, triglycerides, and other deposits including calcium, cellular waste products and fibrous, insoluble protein called fibrin to form plaques.

Simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the easier way to manage your cholesterol. Talk to your doctor about regular cholesterol check ups, to ensure you’re not suffering from atheroscolerosis or high cholesterol.