Fall 2016 Issue Lisa Guerrero Guest Editor: In Living Colour

As the Chief Investigative Correspondent for Inside Edition, I can spend days or even weeks at a time on the road interviewing victims and “chasing bad guys” with my talented and fearless producers and crew. It’s an exciting job, but it’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living out of a suitcase and sitting surveillance in trucks.

When I return home, I crave healthy food, exercise and a creative outlet, which is what led me to mixed media mosaics and crafting. In my new book, Jewelry for Your Table, I explore how being an artist has led to a more balanced lifestyle: journalism informs my art and art informs my journalism. One way I learned to rejuvenate my life was to add colour to my home, my wardrobe and my food.

My home is full of colour and texture—a lot of people are reluctant to experiment with tonality in their homes, especially the thought of painting walls a vibrant shade. The right colour can lift your spirits, soothe your soul and even whet your appetite. Kate Davidson shares how to explore colour in the home, without going overboard. Colour is often associated with warmer months, but brightening up your space can keep your space welcoming and toasty during the brisk autumn weather.

Autumn is also the perfect time to add some beautiful hues to your plate. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating healthy and appealing dinners. This issue, we feature some unique hearty recipes that will be a new meal time hit.

While this season often tends to be one where people start to veer off of their healthy living goals, we share some great tips on how to keep yourself healthy and happy.

So, look out your window and take a cue from nature; consider incorporating the vibrant colours of the season into your wardrobe, your diet and your home.