by Bonnie Siegler

Photography by Elisabeth Caren
Hair by David Gardner for Grid Agency
Makeup by Spencer Barnes at Tack Artist Group
Wardrobe by Angel Terrazas/Styled by Angel
Photo Assistants Corey Deguia and Scott Byrne
shot on location at Smudge Studios

On a recent Monday morning, Angie Harmon was in her makeup chair on the “Rizzoli & Isles” set at 6 a.m. Forty-five minutes later, the former model was ready to take on her role as Boston police detective Jane Rizzoli, who teams up with a medical examiner to track down killers. Not only has Angie proven there is life after professional modeling, but she has also shown there is a powerful woman inside this Texas-reared beauty. Raising three young daughters (Finley, Avery and Emery) bi-coastally, Angie spends nine months filming her TV show in Los Angeles while her kids go to school in Charlotte, North Carolina. “I tend to exist at a very high level of stress,” she says. “I’ve learned to adapt to—I would even say excel at—a very high level of stress.”
So, is her life organized chaos? “No not really,” she laughs. “I think organized chaos sounds heavenly—I would love that.”

The self-described energetic and courageous woman knows that taking time to refuel is important. Harmon defines multi-tasking as “cooking dinner, helping with homework, planning next week’s events and putting a birthday party together—there is so much to being a woman.” With early morning starts and 12- to 15-hour workdays, Angie begins her recharge with a cup of coffee. “I can’t do anything before coffee,” she says—and throughout the day she feeds her energy reserves with a banana or protein bar. She also re-energizes with daily vitamin and mineral supplements. “I have a full pharmacy in my trailer: brain support supplements that help with memory, acidophilus, garlic extract for overall health, hair, skin and nail supplements—I’m surprised I still have hair after what it goes through.”

She also considers cooking her signature teriyaki salmon dish with roasted broccoli and brown rice as taking time to recharge. “Dicing and chopping is very therapeutic. I’ve got music on, I’m having a glass of wine and the house smells like food. The girls and I are always talking—we talk about everything.”



As a former model who got her first cover at age 15, she has travelled the world on assignments. “Travelling is really the only thing that brings me back down and keeps me centred. It brings my daily life into perspective. I love experiencing different cultures and food.” Angie says, having just returned from a UNICEF trip to Vietnam and Thailand.

Closer to home, Angie takes to the outdoors for de-stressing. “I’ll go for a hike or walk—it’s great exercise and the visual experience of being outside grounds me. It’s a Zen type of experience. Being part Greek, part Native American, and part German, I think my background is all tied into earth, nature and being outside. If I could be anywhere, it would be at the beach with amazing blue waters.”

“I eat really healthy and two of my daughters do too—the other is working on it. I love that my girls will ask for me to make them tomatoes and cucumbers for a snack. They’ll take tomatoes with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper in a Tupperware to school for a snack. As for me, sweets are not my thing—I love spicy food. If it’s not on fire, it’s not hot enough. One of my favourite dishes was a Vietnamese Pho soup made with chilies. It was incredible. I’d even have that for breakfast.”

Depending on the season, Angie’s go-to outfit will change, but she always holds fast to one trick-of-the-trade. “A makeup artist told me to line the upper insides of the eyelids and then put on a few layers of mascara. It just makes your eyes pop and makes me feel wide awake.”

For spring and fall, Angie’s go-to outfit consists of boyfriend jeans, Rag and Bone booties and a button-down blouse. However, if it’s summer, “I’ll wear blue jean shorts, throw a belt on and that makes the outfit come together. I also love little teeny tiny dresses or skirts with gladiator sandals. And, I always have to have a mani-pedi—Michael Kors taught me that.”

Favorite place to travel: Anywhere from Fiji to Turks & Caicos to Thailand—a beach is a must.
Favorite TV Show: “Penny Dreadful”
Best Advice Ever Received: Keep your heart where your feet are—Kyra Sedgwick gave me that one.
Self- Titled Autobiography: “If I Can Do It, You Can, Too”—from day one, the odds have been highly against me. I don’t accept that, I don’t quit and I don’t take no for an answer. I’ve been very blessed in so many ways and areas.
Word To Best Describe Herself: Resilient—Incredibly resilient.