Lisa Mallia-Lauzon

Health issue: food sensitivities
Age: 31
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Occupation: Grade eight teacher
Symptoms: Stomach pains, cramping, body aches and bloating.
Health Recommendations: I have struggled with stomach issues for the past three years. I valued the professional opinions that I was given, however, I was certain that one should not feel uncomfortable and experience pains on a regular basis. I decided to take a different approach and seek the help of a naturopath. Through tests, my many food sensitivities were discovered. My diet originally included foods that my body had trouble digesting, hence the uncomfortable bloating. I made myself aware of the foods that my body could not handle and my symptoms changed significantly. During this change, I discovered many new delicious and healthy foods that have become a regular part of my diet.
Results: By removing the foods that my body is sensitive to, I am no longer bloated and I don’t get cramps. Coupled with regular exercise,
I have increased my energy level and lead a healthy lifestyle.