Wesley Mack

Health issue: body fat
Name: Wesley Mack
Age: 33
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Occupation: Recruiter/HeadhunterSymptoms: With a very busy work lifestyle, it has been difficult to find time to go to the gym for regular exercise. Unfortunately, coffee was keeping my energy levels up.
Health Recommendations: A naturopath recommended that I dedicate three weeks to a detox program, which involved changing my diet to consuming steamed vegetables, broiled chicken and baked fish, with a detox shake twice
a day and hot water with lemon in the morning. Snacks included rice cakes, almonds and other nuts. No coffee, alcohol, bread, fried foods or high levels of carbohydrates were permitted.
Results: My co-workers agree that during the first three days I was a pretty miserable person and not enjoyable to work with. However, I did find that I began to enjoy the meals after that. I lost four-and-a-half pounds and four percent of my body fat in three weeks without exercise, which demonstrates how important diet is to losing weight. I want to thank to my fantastic naturopath who encouraged and motivated me through this plan.