Believe in Yourself: empowering girls of all ages

More now than ever before, young girls are faced with unrealistic beauty standards. In an effort to be on trend, many girls are pressured to their money on fashionable clothes. However, schoolgirls who can’t afford these items are left feeling self-conscious.


That’s where The Believe in Yourself Project comes in. The American non-profit charity organization launched by UsTrendy, the initiative has committed to empowering girls and young women. They start by donating never-worn designer dresses to underprivileged girls for special school events, so they can feel confident and beautiful no matter the circumstances.


The Believe in Yourself Project doesn’t stop there—it is also launching a series of body positivity seminars and mentorships.


“This summer, we will roll out our national mentoring programs, which will feature weekly meetings in various cities across the country as well as online seminars available to girls anywhere,” says Sam Sisakhti, CEO of UsTrendy. These seminars include open table discussions where successful women mentor young girls, as well as answer their questions on topics from self-confidence to cyberbullying.


By providing dresses to disadvantaged girls as well as online and in-person mentoring, the charity aims to help girls and young women cultivate a sense of self-worth that goes beyond trends and social status. These girls are encouraged to stand up for what they believe in and be a part of the conversation by actively participating in the community and school groups.


Sisakhti notes that the company is on its way to donating 10,000 dresses by the end of the year. With this, the Believe in Yourself Project will begin to change lives.