Learning to Give Back

The holiday season is often the time of the year for doing good deeds, giving gifts and spreading kindness. What about the rest of the year, and where should our generosity begin and end?


A course at Bayor University’s Philantrophy Lab called “Philantrophy and the Public Good” may have an answer.


Taught by Andy Hogue, Ph.D., the course explores the history and philosophy of giving back and allows for students to evaluate non-profit organizations to award grants. The course focuses on four main philosophies: generosity starts with gratitude, generosity is more than just a transaction; generosity is a muscle you have to exercise, and generosity can be creative.


“Imagine the many things that come together in this one simple act: you, the giver, are enriched by the series of events you set into motion while the person you honour with the gift appreciates your generosity and imagination,” says Hogue. “The beneficiary of the gift then takes your offering to enrich the lives of others.” It’s win, win, win.